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After a five-year campaign, the Victorian government announced a permanent ban on fracking and other forms of unconventional gas, as well as a four-year moratorium on all onshore gas.  Ellen Sandell writes about the huge win and the campaign behind it.

After a long campaign with strong community allies, Victoria finally has a Renewable Energy Target

Ellen Sandell smiling and facing camera

The Victorian Government is planning to sell off public land to private developers, putting already vulnerable members of our community at risk of homelessness.

Ellen Sandell

Most of us have had the nasty experience of opening up a power bill that's more expensive than you expected. But imagine how bizarre and frustrating this is for those people who've spent the money and effort to put solar on their roof – only to find out their power bill is just as expensive as ever.

Ellen Sandell, Victorian MP

Melbourne is lucky to have retained much of its amazing heritage and stunning open spaces. But like many communities around Australia, we’re losing our heritage at an alarming rate.

For almost a decade the Greens have been campaigning for the closure of Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station.  Now we are finally seeing some progress towards that goal!

Until we have a serious plan to eliminate coal from our electricity system, there's little hope for large-scale renewables taking off in Victoria, and I'm going to explain why.

Ellen Sandell

Just over a year ago, the Victorian Greens made history by electing the first Greens lower house MPs in state Parliament. It was a big moment for our party. Ellen Sandell reflects on her first full year working for the people of the Victorian seat of Melbourne.