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Richard Di Natale

Richard at the National Press Club

National Press Club Address 2017

Senator Richard Di Natale looking ahead

As we head into the 45th Parliament, the government of course will argue it has a mandate to implement its entire agenda, but it's a facile argument. 

Richard at the Climate March Melbourne

It has been a dismal 12 months in politics, but as I look back at the last year since Christine retired and I became the Greens leader, I see so much for the Greens to be proud of. Here are some of the highlights…

Harmony Day — image originally supplied to Wikipedia by DIAC

Pauline Hanson’s racist speech has no place in the parliament or in our community. Together, we can stand up and create the kind of nation we want Australia to be: welcoming, compassionate and strong.

Senator Richard Di Natale in Melbourne

A National Drug Summit is coming up next month at Parliament House. It’s an event I’ve organised with colleagues across the political divide, to crack open a conversation about drug law reform.

Not long ago I was sitting where you are. Today, as a Federal Senator and now the leader of a political party I want to talk to you about health, health care and politics.