Senator Janet Rice

Senator Janet Rice with a bicycle in front of Parliament House in Canberra

Riding a bike to work or school means healthier, happier people, less road congestion, and fewer carbon emissions. The Greens have a plan to make active transport easier for everyone.

A variety of coloured microphones. Image from Huffington Post

It was dreamt up by those in government who want to delay the inevitable at all costs.

Janet Rice with a bicycle

To realise the benefits of bike infrastructure, we need genuine political commitment.

We’ve all heard it before. One side complains about those “crazy cyclists”. The other grumbles about those “thoughtless drivers”. Sometimes it seems an impasse that we can’t break through.

When you're a new Senator and your life is split between two homes, you need two bikes — you can't ride interstate every other week. But which bike? That's the compelling question.