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Senator Nick McKim

Statue of Justice, US Supreme Court

Australia’s 189 Community Legal Centres (CLCs) shoulder a massive workload for a bargain basement price, but Federal Government funding cuts mean they are compelled to turn more and more people away.

2017 has been a busy, rewarding but challenging year. I’ve been to Manus Island, joined with multicultural Australia to defeat the Liberals’ attempt to make it easier to be a racist, visited Jordan and Lebanon to learn more about refugees and foreign aid, and more recently mourned the loss of Scott and Larissa from our team.

Refugee Children

The Greens are determined to hold the Turnbull Government and the Opposition to account for their shameful treatment of asylum seekers.

Australian school girl in uniform

Happy New Year to teachers, school leaders, support workers, parents and carers across Australia! I hope you manage some rest and down time before the school year kicks off in earnest once again.