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Senator Richard Di Natale

Richard Di Natale, Christine Milne, and Bob Brown at the Australian Greens National Conference 2017

Senator Richard Di Natale's address to the 25th Anniversary Australian Greens National Conference on Sunday 19 November 2017.

2017. The year that, in the eyes of so many around the world, couldn’t come to an end quickly enough (after all this was the year that Donald Trump began his Presidency of the United States).

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What a big year it has been for marriage equality. Starting back in February when no one thought that the plebiscite would ever become a reality, to fighting the plebiscite in the high court, to mobilising people across the country to ensure we returned a YES vote.

This could be be the most divisive parliament in Australia’s history. But by standing up to racists, the Greens can help bring communities together.

photo of a large papier mache head of Tony Abbott holding a sign "2016 — it's like I never left"

This week I attended a rally out the front of Parliament House where the ghost of Tony Abbott, with his giant paper mache head, held up a sign saying: “2016 - It’s like I never left.”


Richard Di Natale

As we head into the election year, the Greens are set to run our best campaign yet. Happy new year!

Around the world, people want action on global warming and leaders including myself and Senator Larissa Waters are gathered in Paris to discuss it. Will it be the right action?

As we near the end of the year, it's time to reflect on where we've been and where we're going. A weekend in Adelaide behind us for Conference; next up: Paris and North Sydney!

After a whirlwind two months on my National Tour, I thought it’d be nice to share some of the highlights.

Richard di-Natale

Yesterday while we Greens welcomed our Senator-designate Robert Simms into his first Party Room meeting, the Liberal Party was reeling from its change of leader the night before.

It’s been three months since my colleagues gave me the honour of leading our party and in those months I’ve witnessed Canberra at its worst. Australia is being poorly served by a government devoid of integrity, vision and leadership.