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A woman holds her own hand

Foster care ends at 18 — even though many young people stay living at home for much longer. Join the campaign to extend options for young people who have already had a tumultuous life.

People marching with protest signs at Slutwalk Brisbane in 2012

Changing laws is one thing. Changing a culture that permits violent attitudes towards women is much harder. But the work we do today to change attitudes will make for a safer, better future.

Ducks - image by Ed Dunens, CC-BY-2.0 https://flic.kr/p/ADqGSD

The political culture runs deep in support of animal cruelty. Greens MPs around the country have stood up for the voiceless, from hens and ducks to greyhounds and beyond.

Image of a young child Tadgh in the Speaker's Chair of the SA Parliament after his same-sex parents won the right to both be on his birth certificate

Some days in Parliament the tears well in your eyes. Over the past 10 months of debates on what we are now calling ‘Tadhg’s Law’, the moments when those tears came were usually as I saw gorgeous, loving families trudge yet again into the public gallery of the South Australian Parliament to hear their lives denigrated, dismissed and deliberately ignored by some of their elected representatives.