Budget Estimates 2017

For two weeks in late May and early June 2017, Senate Committees will hold hearings to examine the Federal Government's 2017/18 budget. 

The recent budget saw massive cuts to higher education, proposals to drug-test welfare recipients, a much-needed crackdown on the massive profits of banks and it continued the government's complete ignorance towards climate change. Stay tuned during the week as we highlight the important parts of Senate Estimates.

We Need to Talk About Infrastructure Victoria


The aspirations driving the establishment of an independent arbiter of infrastructure needs were admirable. Infrastructure planning in Victoria has become too politicised. The old Labor and Liberal parties hastily come up with plans only to see them scrapped when they lose government. Major projects are supported or opposed not on their merits, but on whether political points can be scored. Years of planning and design work can be dismissed solely because it is perceived as being tainted by the prior government.