Axe the tampon tax

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Get behind our push to end this unfair tax on biology.

People in Australia are taxed every time they purchase tampons, pads and other products used for menstruation because they are considered non-essential luxury products. 

For too long, successive governments have been happy to let this sexist tax persist.

In June the Greens Bill to remove the GST from menstrual products passed through the senate after a huge campaign.

The incredible show of community support that underpinned the successful passage of our bill through the Senate sent a strong message to the government, and they’ve finally listened.

The previous Treasurer, Scott Morrison, announced that the Government supports axing the tampon tax. We’re now waiting on new Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to do the same.

So the fight isn’t over! We have to keep up the pressure to make sure they stick to their word and axe the tampon tax this year.