Protect casual workers

Protecting workers

Join the campaign to protect our workers and their families during this time of crisis

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The government must do more to protect workers facing extreme uncertainty and financial stress from COVID-19

1 in 3 workers in Australia do not have any access to paid leave. The Government stimulus package leaves many workers vulnerable and falls well short of what we need to tackle the looming economic downturn. 

By not guaranteeing casual and contract workers access to two weeks paid special leave should their workplace shut down or if they need to self isolate, the government will be leaving millions of workers stranded with no way to make ends meet. 

Workers in Australia should not have to choose between being able to put food on the table and risk infecting others by being forced to go to work if they are feeling unwell.  The government is leaving people on low incomes or in insecure work in the terrible position of having to make this choice because they've been left with insufficient support if things get worse. 

The Greens have a plan to make this stimulus package fair for the millions of casual workers who are most at risk. Right now we're asking the government to improve the stimulus package to include 14 days’ paid coronavirus sick leave to all workers, including casual workers and waive waiting periods to access income support payments.

Many workers and their families will be facing weeks of uncertainty if the government does not take action now to ensure there is a plan in place to take care of casual and contract workers. 

The Greens will keep fighting for casual workers and anyone forgotten by the government. #COVID_19 affects everyone. We can't leave anyone behind. Sign our petition to add your voice to the fight.