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The government must act now to support all casual workers

The Government's wage subsidy leaves millions of workers vulnerable and falls well short of what we need to tackle the looming economic downturn. 

JobKeeper has not be made available to:

❌  Casual workers employed for less than 12 months
❌  People on temporary work visas
❌  International students

By not guaranteeing support to these individuals the government is leaving millions of workers stranded with no way to make ends meet. 

These restrictions proposed by the Government will unfairly leave workers in the hospitality, arts, entertainment, and tourism industries behind. The same industries that have been some of the hardest hit by the impacts of COVID-19. 

Many workers and their families will be facing long term uncertainty if the government does not take action now to ensure JobKeeper is available to all workers who need it. 

Temporary visa holders and international students are guests in our country and many have lost jobs and income. Our government expects other countries to look after Australians stuck there, and we should do the same for their people who are here in Australia. 
Right now we're fighting to get the government to extend the wage subsidy to include casual workers who've been employed for less than 12 months, to those on temporary work visas, and international students. 

The Greens will keep fighting for all casual workers to make sure no one gets left behind during the Coronavirus crisis.

Sign our petition to call on the government to support all workers now.