Family Reunions

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Join us to fight for family reunions

There are tens of thousands of Australians who are trying to reunite with family members who live overseas. These men and women want to help their family members come to Australia – a very expensive and time-consuming process.

But recent changes announced by Social Services Minister Dan Tehan will put this fundamental right out of reach for even more people.

With a stroke of a pen, he has massively increased the amount of money that people need to earn before they can bring family members to Australia. This is a cut to migration by stealth and an attack on multicultural Australia.

The Greens think it is already too expensive and takes too long for families to be reunited. Which is why we will move to overturn Tehan’s decision in the Senate.

It was the Greens who led the charge to defeat Peter Dutton’s hateful and divisive changes to citizenship laws.

Will you stand with us to defeat this latest attack on families and multiculturalism?