Federal ICAC Now

We need a Federal ICAC now.

Add your name to help us bring on a federal ICAC that is retrospective, independent and has teeth.

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No more excuses. No more delays. We need a Federal ICAC now.

We need to clean up politics.

Politicians should work for all of us, not the interests of their big corporate donors.

In recent years we’ve watched as the government get more brazen, cocky and corrupt. We’ve had Sport Rorts, Carporks, Watergate and dodgy deals that saw taxpayer money handed to gas donors of the Liberal, National and Labor parties to destroy our environment.

Every new scandal reminds us that Australia needs a national body to fight corruption.

A watchdog with teeth to look into slush funds, pay outs, favours for mates, and dodgy property deals, and to hold politicians to account.

The federal government is the only jurisdiction in Australia that is not overseen by an integrity commission, and that absence has real consequences for all of us.

Times up on the Prime Minister’s delays. Scott Morrison needs to end the rorts, and bring on a federal ICAC. One that is retrospective, independent and has teeth.

Every day that passes since the government promised a federal anti-corruption watchdog is a reminder of the contempt with which the Coalition government hold our democracy. Every day it become clearer how much they fear what a Federal ICAC might find. If politicians are scared of an ICAC, it's doing the right thing.

The Greens have a bill ready to go for a Federal ICAC, it’s already passed the Senate, and it could brought on for a vote in the House at any time.

Let's get it done.