Establish a National Horse Register

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Thousands of Australian racehorses are being abused and slaughtered every year.

This is allowed to happen because the racing industry refuses to take responsibility for the thousands of horses that leave the industry each year.  

The Government must urgently establish a National Horse Traceability Register and force the racing industry to give every horse a dignified retirement safe from abuse and slaughter.

Similar registers already exist in UK, Europe, and Canada.

Tens of thousands of racehorses are bred in Australia each year by the thoroughbred and standardbred racing industries. Many are abandoned in paddocks or dumped at sale yards, and the ABC has now revealed thousands eventually end up in knackeries and slaughterhouses.

It’s clear the racing industry have abandoned horses once they are no longer profitable—sickeningly, they call these horses ‘wastage’. That’s why we need a National Horse Register to keep retired racehorses safe.

Add your voice to call for a Horse Traceability Register. Together we can improve the welfare of tens of thousands of animals.