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The government must continue to support workers, communities and businesses

On Sunday 28 March, Morrison will end the JobKeeper scheme for good.

Treasury warns that this will throw 150,000 people out of work, whilst many regions and industries are still struggling. This is cruel and unnecessary - the Government should extend the scheme while it’s still needed.

We know that regions that have been worst affected by the pandemic or recent extreme weather events are still doing struggling. We know that industries like the arts, hospitality and tourism are in desperate need of a lifeline.

Now’s not the time to cut support to these communities.

To add salt to the wound, those who’ll be forced out of work will be burdened with a  reduced rate of JobSeeker rate of JobSeeker - under $44 a day. We shouldn’t be letting businesses to close their doors, and we shouldn’t be forcing people into poverty.

Cutting JobKeeper now is the wrong decision. Our communities deserve better.

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