COVID Lockdown

Recovering from COVID-19

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We need to lockdown now with a jobs and wages guarantee 

To save lives, Australia needs a NZ-style mandatory stay-at-home lockdown and an 80% wage guarantee. 

The number one job for the government right now is to protect lives. This is a health crisis of unprecedented scale. We need clear and consistent advice. This is the time for leadership to save lives.

Time to follow Jacinda Ardern and adopt a lockdown. We also urgently need a UK-style 80% wage subsidy to protect workers and jobs, rent and mortgage holidays and a ban on evictions and foreclosures. 

We are all in this together. We can get through this together.

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What is a Level 4 lockdown?

Australia needs to adopt the common-sense New Zealand approach:

✅ Everyone must now stay home, except those providing essential services, and only make physical contact with those they live with.

✅ You can still access all the essentials they need, including medicine, food and other home supplies.

✅ You can still go for a walk, run, or bike ride, because exercise is crucial for people’s mental health, but it must be solitary, or with those you live with.

✅ You have an easy-to-follow list of what's in, what's out and what to do about it. This is critical so people have clear and consistent advice (e.g. here's NZ's list ).

This approach ensures we #FlattenTheCurve and gives frontline heathcare workers and hospitals a fighting chance at dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a Jobs & Wages Guarantee?

The Greens are backing Australian Unions / the ACTU’s call for wage guarantees.

We’re facing a reality where 1 in 10 workers could be out of work – but everyone needs an income during this crisis.

The government should pay any workers who have lost their jobs 80% of their wage so they can keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and keep their job.

We know it’s possible – they’ve done it in the UK. We should be supporting workers directly now, not waiting until they lose their jobs. Every job we save now is a job we don’t need to recreate later.

If we’re handing out billions in support, it has to go where it’s needed. Support workers. Not just corporations.

Too many people & communities left behind

The government must also ensure that people in our community who are at risk can access the right information and appropriate support to get through this crisis.

Many people were already struggling to access supports including First Nations people, disabled people, older Australians, LGBTQI+ people, rural and regional communities, women and children experiencing domestic violence, people in detention and people on temporary visas.

Find out more about our calls to support:

And we'll keep posting updates on our dedicated Greens' COVID-19 response page.