Protecting our marine future

Protecting our oceans from global warming, pollution and overfishing

The Greens are committed to protecting Australia's marine environments and taking strong action to address the growing threats they face.

Australia's beaches and oceans are famous. We have unique marine species found nowhere else in the world, but right around the country, our oceans are under threat.

The importance of marine parks

Under Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberals have scrapped the management plans for our world-leading network of marine protected areas, making them little more than lines on a map. 

These marine protected areas are being reviewed and are at risk of being abolished, despite the fact they are based on decades of work.

Thousands of submissions were made to the government’s review. The community has spoken and want protection.

If the Liberals surrender on marine protection, our oceans will remain vulnerable to pollution, overfishing, oil and gas exploration and climate change.

All the science points to the value of marine protected areas in supporting and protecting marine environments, marine birds and mammals and replenishing fish stocks. 

Prioritising development, oil and gas exploration and fishing ahead of sustainability and science based marine protection puts our oceans at risk and threatens communities around our coast who rely on sustainable fishing, tourism and recreation.

Global warming

Global warming is a significant, emerging threat to our oceans which causes ocean warming, acidification and is linked to changes in marine currents.

These changes will have profound implications for our marine environments, and new threats like invasive species will emerge.

Early action and investment in mitigation plan, adaptation strategies and fisheries management need to be part of efforts to respond to the impacts of climate change on our oceans, and we need strong investments in renewable energies and an effective carbon price to reduce our greenhouse emissions.

The Greens are committed to meaningful action to address climate change and we are the only party standing up for effective measures in Parliament. Tony Abbott's Direct Action sham fails to address the threats that climate change poses to our oceans, fisheries and lifestyle

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