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Only the Greens have a plan to build a future where our environment, wildlife and future generations thrive. Help us make it a reality by joining our campaign.

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Building a future where our environment, our wildlife and future generations thrive.

Instead of looking after our environment, the Liberal and Labor parties take dirty donations from big miners, big polluters and big corporations and let them get away with trashing it for corporate profit. 

Our Great Barrier Reef is dying and our farmers are suffering through intense drought caused by climate change. Hundreds of native Australian species have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

The Greens recognise that good economic management means taking care of our planet. We will phase out support for industries that destroy our environment and support industries that protect our environment, creating the clean, green jobs and industries of the future.

Our Plan:

Overhaul our environmental laws
A new generation of environmental laws will be introduced and overseen by a regulatory body with real power, operating at arm's length from politicians and lobbyists.

Protect our oceans, forests, rivers and reefs
We'll introduce a network of marine parks, end deforestation, save the Great Barrier Reef, protect the Murray-Darling basin and stop oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

Ban all new coal seam gas and fracking
We'll block new projects across Australia, including any expansions to existing projects. We'll extend the ‘water trigger’ in environmental protection laws to cover all forms of gas extraction and protect farmers and their water sources. 

Tackle the Waste Crisis
We will establish a national container deposit scheme, invest in recycling and waste avoidance programs, and phase out of single-use plastics.