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It's time to make our healthcare system truly free and universal

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Rapid antigen tests should be free and universal. 

Around the country, rapid antigen tests are proving the latest frontier of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacies are sold out of rapid antigen tests while sick and symptomatic people search high and low to secure one, putting themselves and the community at risk. 

Rapid antigen tests are too expensive and subject to price gouging – that’s if you can even find one. 

The Morrison government has chosen to commodify a critical public health measure because they’re concerned about “undercutting” pharmaceutical suppliers.

This is a public health emergency – not a free market situation

The government’s failure to ensure free and accessible rapid antigen tests, along with the massive pressure on the PCR testing system, means positive cases are much higher than reported. Now, they’ve scrapped the need for a PCR test to confirm a positive RAT, leaving us in the dark about national infection numbers and placing vulnerable communities at unacceptable risk.

The Greens believe rapid antigen tests should be free, equitably distributed and universally accessible.

In countries around the world, like the UK and Singapore, governments have made rapid antigen tests free and readily available to their citizens.

And the Morrison government has the ability to ensure there are enough of these tests available for everyone, without means testing, and for free. It’s simply a matter of their priorities.

Join the Greens in our call to prioritise health over profit and make rapid antigen tests free for everyone.

We must continue to ensure our public health measures keep all of us safe – because unless all of us are safe, none of us are.