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By sharing your story you'll also hear from us about our Economic Fairness campaigns from time to time

Lost income? Can't make rent? Ineligible for government support? Landlord won't listen? Real Estate won't help?

Sound familiar? Share your story so we can fight to fix this!

By sharing your story, you can help us change the laws to protect renters from eviction.

Working together, we pressured the National Cabinet into introducing a 6-month ban on evictions. This was a big win, but it looks like it might just be all talk and no action, leaving renters in the lurch. 

Are you a renter being faced with eviction despite the apparent ban? 

We know that by sharing personal stories we can change how the government behaves. We need your help to tell these stories to the National Cabinet to force them to do more to protect renters and ensure no one is faced with eviction during this crisis. 

With the power of our collective stories, (including the one you're about to share), we can send a strong message to Scott Morrison and the Premiers and Chief Ministers about who is being left behind and fight together to fix this policy.

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