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The Government must stop punishing people on income support and scrap the Cashless Debit Card

What is the Cashless Debit Card?

The Cashless Debit Card is a form of compulsory income management that quarantines 80 percent of an income support recipient’s payment to a card that leaves them with just 20 percent available in cash.

For the past few years the card has been continuously ‘trialed’ in Ceduna, East Kimberly, Hinkler and the Goldfields. The card has recently been expanded to Cape York and the Northern Territory.

Why do we want to #ScrapTheCard?

Due to the card restrictions, people on the cashless card are unable to access cash economies to buy things such as second hand goods or goods from community markets.

People face stigma and shame in using the card in their community and are constantly dealing with the many issues with using the card to pay for basics like rent and groceries.

Despite there being no evidence that compulsory income management works, the Government continues to push this policy.

The cashless card is about punishing people on income support, it's not about reducing disadvantage or tackling issues of addiction. If the Government was serious about that they would be funding programs that are actually proven to work, like early intervention programs, addiction and mental health services.

It’s time for this social experiment to end.