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The Adani coal mine has been a major issue for years, and Labor has used every trick in the book to avoid opposing it, for fear of upsetting their dirty donors. That's not good enough. Australians need politicians -- and political parties -- who speak out every day of the week, not just during an election.

Only the Greens are committed to real action on climate change.


The Greens' plan is for a transition to 100% renewables, providing cleaner, cheaper and reliable power for everyone. This plan will also create the jobs in manufacturing, trades and research that we need. This plan is ambitious, forward-looking and takes the action we need today. Not in five, ten or twenty years.

Coal is an industry of the past, and everyone except Labor, the Liberals and the mining giants know it. Enough is enough: show your support for a future free from coal mines like Adani by joining the final push to #StopAdani.

It's time to put pressure on Labor to shut this down. Then we need to use the momentum to stop new coal for good.