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The Queensland Labor Government has caved to the pressure of the coal lobby and approved Adani’s Groundwater Management Plan - despite serious concerns by many water experts, traditional owners and farmers about the impacts on groundwater and ancient springs.

Make no mistake: this fight is not over yet.

While this was the final state-level mine site approval Adani had been waiting for, they still don’t have approval for their railway or pipeline, or federal sign-off on two water research plans. Adani want us to believe that it’s all done and dusted, but if they break ground now, they could be breaking federal environmental law.

The Greens stand with communities right across the country against this reckless decision by the Queensland Labor Government, which will contribute to the destruction of thousands more jobs in Queensland and across the country than it will ever create for the people of Central Queensland.

It's time for politicians like Annastacia Palaszczuk to come clean with coal communities, admit that there are no long term jobs in digging up and burning coal and work with the Greens on a plan to support these communities transition away from coal and towards sustainable, long-term jobs in the renewable energy sector.

We will use everything we have available in our parliament, our courts and on the streets. Our movement for a safe climate and jobs justice for workers will triumph.

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