John Barnes

Federal Candidate for Ballarat

Hi, I'm John


I have been involved in local politics for over 40 years and this is the most important election in my lifetime. Ballarat deserves a representative who values honesty, empathy, humility, determination and fairness while acting quickly and decisively to avoid climate catastrophe. 

As a former City of Ballarat mayor, I understand the value of investing in the people and will fight for your right to access affordable housing, free education and childcare, and dental and mental health support through medicare. My experience working as a Chairman of Central Highlands Water during the Millennium Drought instilled in me an immense respect for the resilience of our communities. Our electorate has the power to elect somebody that truly represents them, and hold the major parties to account.

If elected, I will fight for treaty and justice for first nations people, strategically invest for long term cost of living relief, and make the Ballarat electorate a safe place to live in which all people may flourish.