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Alex Bhathal Greens candidate for Batman

Candidate for Batman

I'm standing in the Batman by-election to:

  1. End the offshore detention of refugees and bring them here
  2. Take real action on climate change by transitioning to renewable energy
  3. Tackle housing affordability and returning our power grid to public hands.

Scott Jordan

Candidate for Braddon

Scott is a passionate Tasmanian.

Candidate for Brunswick

It's time we sent sent a Green from Brunswick to Spring Street. And we can do it in 2018.

Fraser Brindley

Candidate for Lyons

Tasmania's future can and should be a clean, green future. Others might say this, but I understand it and I mean it.

Tammy Franks MLC

Member of the South Australian Legislative Council

Andrea Dawkins

MP for Bass

I was born and grew up in Launceston and returned to raise my two small girls in an environment that I know and love.

Cassy O'Connor

MP for Denison

Since being elected in 2008, I've been a passionate voice for people with disabilities, refugees, children and marginalized Tasmanians..

Rosalie Woodruff

MP for Franklin

Tasmania is special in the world. I represent the people of Franklin who love the beauty of our bush and coast, and the warmth and strength of our communities.

Robert Simms for Adelaide

Candidate for Adelaide

Stef Rozitis for Badcoe

Candidate for Badcoe

Emma Anglesey

Candidate for Bass - 2

I am a musician who has worked as an environmental consultant and campaigner for over 10-years.

Candidate for Bass - 3, Alderman for Launceston City Council

Emma is an alderman with the City of Launceston. She brings to this role a background in natural resource management (NRM) and environmental assessment, and experience in community development.

Tom Hall

Candidate for Bass - 4

I’m an anaesthetist and I’m standing for The Greens to try to help steer Tasmania onto the right track for the future.

James Ireland

Candidate for Bass - 5

I really enjoy seeing the positive response when I explain the Greens values and policies that I am committed to.

Dami Barnes for Black

Candidate for Black

Sally OWheel

Candidate for Braddon - 2

I’m standing for the Greens because people and the environment are what matters and the Greens stand for that.

Tom Kingston

Candidate for Braddon - 3

I have been fighting for our planet for many, many years.

Julie Norbury

Candidate for Braddon - 4

I have come to believe that our beautiful pristine state can continue to lead the world into this future.

Philp Nicholas

Candidate for Braddon - 5

I decided to run for The Greens because I see great potential in new green industries and jobs for the North West.

Neil Zwaans for Bragg

Candidate for Bragg

Steffi Medrow for Cheltenham

Candidate for Cheltenham

Paul Petherick for Colton

Candidate for Colton

Candidate for Cottesloe

Greg Boland is The Greens (WA) Candidate in the Cottesloe By-Election

Nathan Lange for Croydon

Candidate for Croydon

John Photakis for Davenport

Candidate for Davenport

Helen Burnet

Candidate for Denison - 2, Alderman for City of Hobart

I want to listen to your concerns and ensure the best decisions are made for Denison.

Mel Fitzpatrick

Candidate for Denison - 3

As a climate scientist and educator, I am passionate about creating a vision for Tasmania’s future.

Aaron Benham

Candidate for Denison - 4

I’m standing with the Greens to be part of positive changes.

Candidate for Denison - 5

As a former teacher, and a mother of three, I see that education is a vital tool in the development of future generations.

Harriet de Kok for Dunstan

Candidate for Dunstan

Candidate for Eastern Victoria

For the last 12 years, I've lived in Victoria's East and am passionate about our community. I have a professional history in the IT and finance sectors, and am a committed advocate for gambling law reform. 

Jody Moate for Elder

Candidate for Elder

Wendy Morgan for Elizabeth

Candidate for Elizabeth

Cassie Alvey for Enfield

Candidate for Enfield

Marc Mullette for Finniss

Candidate for Finniss

Adam Gatt for Florey

Candidate for Florey

Richard Atkinson

Candidate for Franklin - 2, Kingborough Councillor

Richard was elected to the Kingborough Council in October 2014. He is working to promote sound financial management, environmental protection, climate-change response, integrated transport, social inclusion and community development.

Holly Ewin

Candidate for Franklin - 3

I've been a small business owner-operator for five years and study political and social science full time at UTAS.

Ross Lincolne

Candidate for Franklin - 4

As a scientist I'm concerned that climate, energy and environmental issues impacting our world.

Lachlan Hatfield

Candidate for Franklin - 5

I'm running because all Tasmania deserves a fair go and I believe that the youth is under represented in state politics.

Gwydion Rozitisolds for Gibson

Candidate for Gibson

Lauren Zwaans for Hartley

Candidate for Hartley

Lynton Vonow for Heysen

Candidate for Heysen

Sean Cullen-MacAskill for Kaurna

Candidate for Kaurna

Patrick O'Sullivan for Lee

Candidate for Lee

Ashley Sutherland for Legislative Council

Candidate for Legislative Council

Matt Farrell for SA Legislative Council

Candidate for Legislative Council

Rosa Hillam for Upper House

Candidate for Legislative Council

Helen Hutchinson

Candidate for Lyons - 2

The Greens are the only political party which has embraced the necessity for real action on climate change!

Candidate for Lyons - 3

I am an artist and previously a prominent community activist with Pulp the Mill.

Gary Whisson

Candidate for Lyons - 4

I am standing for the Tasmanian Greens to give back to the community. Only the Greens have a long-term vision for Tasmania that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Candidate for Lyons - 5

In Lyons, its very possible to have a wealthy economy, great social wellbeing and a well protected environment, but we have to involve and respect all stakeholders to get it right.

Ami-Louise Harrison for Mawson

Candidate for Mawson

Simon Roberts-Thomson for Morialta

Candidate for Morialta

Chris Crabbe for Morphett

Candidate for Morphett

Stephanie Stewart for Newland

Candidate for Newland

Candidate for Richmond

Alex Dinovitser for Torrens

Candidate for Torrens

John Wishart for Unley

Candidate for Unley

Brendan White for Waite

Candidate for Waite

Livio Forza for West Torrens

Candidate for West Torrens

Candidate for Western Metropolitan Region

My story is entwined with thousands of diverse communities across the Western Metro region.


Candidate for Wills

Hey, I'm Adam. 

Jennifer Harness for Wright

Candidate for Wright

Your voice in Council

The Northern Territory Greens have endorsed public health worker, environmental campaigner and advocate for young people, Jodi Lennox as their candidate for the Alice Springs Town Council.