Alex Marshall

Federal Candidate for Corangamite

Hi, I'm Alex

I have been an active community member in Corangamite for almost my whole life, and am passionate about the people, small businesses and community organisations in our area. As a disability support worker I see the need for a more caring society, and am committed to creating a better future for all. 

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and we need to act now before we see irreversible environmental, economic and social damage. Coal and gas are the leading causes of the climate crisis, but the major parties continue to back more fossil fuels. Your vote is powerful though, and with the Greens in balance of power we can push the next government to go further and faster, phasing out coal and gas by 2030 and creating thousands of jobs in renewable energy. 

As a Greens candidate, I am here for all. I believe there is no choice but to be political, to raise our voices and fight for the needs of everyone in our community, so we can all have a better life.