Joshua Sanderson

Joshua Sanderson

Candidate for Capalaba

I’m a video game developer and entrepreneur who values the use of science and evidence in all areas of life. I want to use our incredible age of technology to bring happiness, prosperity and community to all. I’m passionate about the digital economy and all it can bring to our region and Queensland.

Public transport in our region has a reputation for being far too expensive and inconvenient. Making it a reliable and attractive option for commuters would do wonders for our city. More people using world-class public transport means fewer cars on the road, less time wasted in traffic and fewer resources dedicated to repairing road infrastructure.

I’m concerned about the influence of money on our political system. Property developers and mining corporations have too much influence on decisions of government, and we need to ban donations from such sources that create obvious conflicts of interest.

Government should consult with the community and look after the long-term well-being of residents, not just the profits of wealthy donors.


Maiwar Campaign Calling

Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 05:00 PM


5/52 High Street in TOOWONG, Queensland