Amy MacMahon

Amy MacMahon

Candidate for South Brisbane

I’m a social scientist, activist, carer and gardener, born and raised in Brisbane. I've worked as a teacher, researcher, and community development worker, and I’ll soon finish my PhD on community responses to climate change.

I have lived in South Brisbane for the past four years, and went to school at Brisbane State High School. I love this part of town, but my neighbours and I are seeing the area change rapidly, as the interests of property developers are put above those of the community.

The old parties’ capitulation to big corporate donors in Queensland has led to unsustainable policies and laws that put company profits before people. As the Greens representative in South Brisbane, I’ll move to ban political donations from property developers, gambling, alcohol and tobacco companies.

I'm passionate about the future of Queensland and want it to be a fair, sustainable and progressive state. We can make this a place where our communities and precious natural places are protected from the impact of over-development; where our representatives make decisions guided by social justice, not corporate donations; where the basic needs of everyone are met, and our diversity and creativity can thrive.

That’s why I am the Greens representative for South Brisbane and I’m proud to be standing for the Greens in this State election.

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The Queensland Greens will dramatically expand access to universal childcare for 2-4 year olds, and build 250 new public childcare centres.

Amy MacMahon, Queensland Greens lead spokesperson and candidate for South Brisbane, said:

“Just like schools and hospitals, we believe access to free high quality childcare and kindergarten should be free and universal.

“Since 2012 the cost of childcare has grown faster than electricity or housing, while parents are being forced onto outrageously long waiting lists. Something has to give.


Maiwar Campaign Calling

Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 05:00 PM


5/52 High Street in TOOWONG, Queensland