Michelle Le Plastrier | Queensland Greens

Michelle Le Plastrier

Candidate for Southport

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, I’m passionate about our communities. I want to bring fresh ideas and initiatives that serve our entire society, regardless of financial status.

I, like many Australians, feel tired of the same old politics, the outdated initiatives, and the out-of-touch politicians from the old parties who do not genuinely serve the needs of the whole community.

I have seen Southport change for good and for bad.

I want true grass roots democracy to thrive within our community. As your Greens candidate, I want to inspire our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to be involved with community development and prosperity. I thoroughly endorse and applaud the Greens’ relevant and well-researched environmental and social justice initiatives.

Through my history with the Gold Coast and my involvement with the Greens I want to help the community manage important issues we are facing, for example, working with the music community and with venue owners to save the dying live music scene.

Islamophobia is challenging us all, including the Gold Coast Islamic community. Let’s challenge the misinformation fuelling these fears.

The cost of living on the coast is threatening our diverse community. I want to confront issues of housing affordability and talk with home owners and renters about their concerns.

I have worked in retail and tourism for over a decade, and have run my own small business. For the last four years I have been working in marketing for an Australian retailer. By combining my retail/tourism experience, local knowledge, and my marketing and social media mind, I truly believe I can support the Southport community as it continues to thrive and flourish with innovation and culture.

I look forward to listening and empathising with real community concerns, tackling issues facing Southport and opening a dynamic dialogue with the community. We can utilise the power of people to further the movement of good and drive enriching and inspiring initiatives.


Maiwar Campaign Calling

Monday November 20, 2017 at 05:00 PM


5/52 High Street in TOOWONG, Queensland