Ashley Sutherland | Australian Greens

Ashley Sutherland

Candidate for Legislative Council

I'm a social justice activist with a passion for public education, the arts, and the environment. I'm currently studying a Masters in Public Administration (Policy) and my studies focus primarily upon economics, the politics of climate change, and informing policy for women and children. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts, and through this I developed skills as a freelance writer and became involved in both the student and union movements.

Having been elected the President of my university's student association, I have seen firsthand the challenges that students face. In a state with rampant under and unemployment, young people in particular are finding it increasingly hard to find the financial support to kickstart their careers here in South Australia. Finding a safe and affordable place to live is also becoming harder. As a renter in the Southern suburbs, I've lived through the stresses and frustrations that come along with this.

I am a headspace Youth Ambassador and a strong advocate for better mental health services. The financial hardships experienced by youth is leading to alarming statistics. I worked in retail for over eight years, and throughout this time I struggled on no penalty rates and a ridiculously low rate of Youth Allowance. This is a harsh reality for many South Australians, and it's just not good enough.

I was raised on the Mid Coast of South Australia, in Seaford. I grew up a short walk from the beach and I was taught the importance of ecology from a very young age. The effects of climate change will be seen here, at home, with our coastline's significant vulnerability to shoreline recession and foredune destabilisation. I have been heavily involved in the campaign to keep big oil out of the Great Australian Bite, and I will continue to be a strong voice for renewable energy and investment in our planet's future.

These issues and a want for change have led me to politics. I am proud to stand with the Greens, the only party that have a comprehensive vision for South Australia's future.