Stef Rozitis | Australian Greens

Stef Rozitis

Candidate for Badcoe

I’m a single mum, an early childhood teacher, an avid reader and a passionate advocate for social justice. I share the concerns that most parents have about an ecologically and economically secure and prosperous future for our children. I am excited to see the technologies developing around the world for renewable energy and feel that South Australia’s potential to be a world-leader in this field needs to be developed.

For many years I lived in Kurralta Park in a block of flats where it seemed like each of our neighbours came from a different country. My children grew up culturally and intellectually richer for the diversity of culture, food and thought and I have learned to value the diversity of our community. I still live much of my life between Clarence Gardens and Edwardstown and value the greenness of the suburbs with the generosity of people who contribute to community gardens, herbs on nature strips, street libraries and the like.

I am passionate about the need for a fair society where everyone has the opportunity to live fully and to contribute to their community. Recently having been very involved in advocating for marriage equality, I am equally interested in ensuring a fair go (work-life balance, health, education, clean air) for every family.

I am proud to represent the Greens in Badcoe.