Dami Barnes | Australian Greens

Dami Barnes

Candidate for Black

I grew up in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, riding and walking along the various bike and foot paths. There was a sense of freedom of just being in those moments - going to my local creek, hanging out in a natural formed cubby from the surrounding trees, and just letting my imagination take me anywhere magical. The simplicity and innocence of life was something to be cherished.

There are many things that have defined me as the person I am today: bullying, identity, mental and physical health, opportunity, education, nature and the environment, influence, mobility, the list could go on. But there has to be a driving force that makes one passionate to stand up and want to be a voice for our community, and for me it is to support those that struggle to be heard. I feel that government should be about supporting and protecting those that need it the most. It should be a representation of all of us. It should be a voice for us, the people.

I want to see South Australia be leaders in a green and energy efficient future, in caring for and supporting each other no matter who we are, as an innovation hub enviable to the world, as a place that our youth proudly chooses to help us grow and prosper into the future.

I am proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Black in this state election.