Philip Pointer | Australian Greens

Philip Pointer

Candidate for Chaffey

I have supported the Greens for many years, but it is the rising undue corporate influence into the democratic process that has spurred me to become actively involved.

Some years ago now I watched the documentary Gasland about the extreme nature of fracking and how corporations in the U.S. were dictating government processes, overturning environmental protections and using their high-paid lawyers in pursuit of easy short-term profit and I thought how lucky I am to be living in Australia, where that kind of corruption is not so entrenched. I now realise this was a naive viewpoint and that big business has its fingers in the government pie, using it power and wealth to dictate its own terms. We see this with the effects of Big Cotton on the Murray-Darling Basin and with fracking across the country. I fervently hope that we can protect the state of SA from fracking as this destructive practice, not only adds CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, but also contaminates our groundwater.

These big industries seem to have no respect for the land, nor the people who live on it. With the ever increasing effects of climate change and global warming, water will become an increasingly precious resource and to risk it is a disastrous. The Greens are the only party that seems to fully understand the need to protect the environment, so I feel compelled to work with them to try and protect our country and our future. I can’t just let it roll on by.

The Greens also want to put essential services back in public hands. We see that privatisation has been a mistake, this being especially obvious in the electricity sector where we have rising power prices, again as a result of corporate greed. The Greens want to build a strong, fair economy that supports all its members - not just the privileged few at the top of the pile. I have worked in hospitality for most of my life and have seen first hand the exploitation of workers and the powerless.

I am a musician and an independent filmmaker. I am not naturally a politician, but I cannot stand by and watch the erosion of democracy and the associated environmental destruction caused by revolving door politics without standing up and acting for a better future.