Steffi Medrow | Australian Greens

Steffi Medrow

Candidate for Cheltenham

I am 42, married with a teenage son, and work as a production manager in a signage company.

I migrated to Adelaide almost ten years ago from Germany and have been living in the North Western suburbs - presently Woodville North - since I came here.

I became an Australian citizen two years ago, and I love the multicultural mix of the suburb I live in. I have worked in a male dominated industry for my entire life, and have always loved hands-on work. In my spare time, I enjoy the arts, theatre, dance and music, and I love being in the outdoors.

I love the quote, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” I love talking to people from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences, as there really is a new thing to learn every day.

I joined the Greens in 2015, as I am convinced the Greens are the only party in Australia that has the best interests of everyone at heart. As a society we have to look after our less-fortunate members and defend their rights, and create equal opportunities for everybody. I want to stand up for everybody in our society, no matter their background or circumstances.

Opportunity in life always starts with a good education, so putting education - and particularly vocational education - back in public hands is a very important goal for me for our state in this election.

I am proud to represent the Greens in Cheltenham.