Nathan Lange | Australian Greens

Nathan Lange

Candidate for Croydon

I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and completed my Masters degree while working full time as so many of today’s students have to do. After some enjoyable years working in the media, my partner and I fell in love with SA and made the move south. I am now pursuing a career in the incredible wine industry here and I am proud to call this state home.

Raised in a family which had only ever voted for one party, from an early age I began to ask why. This is a question which has never been more relevant than it is in this election and it is one which is echoing throughout the state. Why do we continue to vote for parties who put the money of big business ahead of the needs of our most vulnerable? Why do we support a political class that is growing increasingly more disconnected with the people they are paid to represent? Why do we place our faith in people who lack the vision or leadership to take action on the environmental and economic problems that lie not just on the horizon, but at our feet?

The major parties would have you believe that you have no other option, but the Greens are the genuine alternative. We are a party who will not be bought and who will continue to advocate for those whose voices remain unheard.

That is why I am proud to represent the Greens as the candidate for Croydon in this election.