Marc Mullette | Australian Greens

Marc Mullette

Candidate for Finniss

I am a teacher by trade, have a doctorate degree in law and am the owner of a large alpaca herd. My wife Marina is a singer with a very decorated musical theatre past, and it is through our diverse backgrounds and experiences that we have become ardent Greens supporters and party members. My candidacy is a true family effort, and with Marina and our two young sons, we hope to be members of this team for years to come.

I am a firm believer that our planet needs protecting. I am passionate about equality and social justice, and am committed to helping topple the corporate system that has led to a tragically rigged economy. Rather than sit idle while the status quo doesn’t take into account the future or the health of the Earth and her people, I decided that 2018 was the year to act.

I believe that the Green philosophy is ready to be embraced in Finniss. I am certain that this area, home to some of Australia’s most pristine coastlines and spectacular natural scenery, is ready to turn away from “politics as usual” and open itself to the one party that truly looks toward the future.

It is an honour to carry the Greens banner in Finniss for the 2018 state election.