Adam Gatt | Australian Greens

Adam Gatt

Candidate for Florey

I have lived in Modbury North with my fiancée for the past five years. Our electorate of Florey is home to many beautiful parks and reserves which serve as a reminder of our duty to keep our environment healthy for our future generations. The nearby Modbury Hospital and O-Bahn show us the importance of good infrastructure and public transport.

In my working life, I am a Computer Scientist with a PhD in Information Technology. Through my profession I have direct experience with working long hours to solve complex problems. As a scientist I believe that the right decisions can only be made with good information and advice from the experts. There is no point commissioning a Gonski report or Finkel review if we are afraid to act on the results due to political reasons. I believe that the time for playing political games is over and we must make the necessary decisions for securing South Australia’s future prosperity and environment.

The wide adoption of rooftop solar and the new battery storage projects have shown us the very real prospect for cheap, reliable power. The technology is there and only political roadblocks remain. While the old parties bicker over fracking for gas, nuclear waste dumps and drilling for oil in the Bight, the Greens are prepared to embrace the renewables revolution rolling out around the world. With wind power cheaper than it has ever been, this is no time for our state to be left behind.

I am proud to represent the Greens and to have the chance to apply my skills to the electorate of Florey as diligently as I have in my professional life.