Gwydion Rozitisolds | Australian Greens

Gwydion Rozitisolds

Candidate for Gibson

I am a Mathematics student at Flinders University. While I am young, I have been an active Green and a passionate activist throughout my entire life, fighting for causes from the treatment of asylum seekers, to the necessity of fair trade, to the cruelty of palm oil.

South Australia needs an energy policy that works both economically and environmentally. Solar and wind are becoming cheaper every day and are far and away the best choice to help South Australia ensure long term energy independence.

The increasing casualisation of the workforce is hurting young South Australians. We need a system that helps young people find a healthy work-life balance, start careers and start families in South Australia, instead of leaving for the east coast.

The Greens are the only party with long-term solutions, instead of the solution that will look best at the next election. We are the only party willing to truly listen to young people, as well as give them a voice.

With its beaches, local businesses, friendly community and its beautiful environment, Gibson is such a great area, and as the representative, I will be proud to help make Gibson and South Australia even better.