Anna Taylor | Australian Greens

Anna Taylor

Candidate for Giles

I grew up in Adelaide, keenly following the Greens during my schooling. I moved to the Eyre Peninsula in 1997 attracted to the pristine coastline and affordable opportunities on the land. I have lived off grid for twenty years and have built up a permaculture property with my partner and our two children. I believe we can all make a difference by starting small, keeping a low footprint and living by example.

I have worked in Outdoor Education and agriculture in the past and am now a fulltime home educator and organic grower. My passion for the natural environment has taken me to many parts of Australia and S.E. Asia by yacht, which has reinforced my conviction that connection to the land is fundamental to the sustainable management of land for future generations.

I am currently involved in opposing oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight, which has shown me how important it is to have a government that is not accepting handouts from multi-nationals to make decision concerning our environment and industries. I believe the Greens stand alone in being able to make honest, environmentally responsible decisions on issues such as this, and allowing local peoples voices to be heard.

I stand firmly to oppose any form of nuclear waste repository; our land and communities have so much more to offer than becoming the site for a waste dump.

I believe preserving the wilderness, rehabilitating degraded land and sustainable agriculture to be of benefit to everyone. I believe our connection to land is paramount to achieving this and recognise that this connection is intrinsic to our First Nations culture. Like all Greens, I support a treaty with Australia’s Aboriginal peoples. Giles has incredible renewable energy potential, and I believe we can help SA maintain its leading position on clean energy in Australia while providing jobs on the ground.

I stand for building communities, sustainable agriculture systems, and as a voice for our environment.