Lynton Vonow | Australian Greens

Lynton Vonow

Candidate for Heysen

G’day, I’m Lynton. 
It would be a privilege to represent you in the Parliament of South Australia.
As a farm-boy from the mid-North, I had a wonderful life growing up on on the family farm in the mid-North, and also grew up appreciating the difficulty of making a living from farming. I studied Science and Education at the University of Adelaide and worked as a teacher in rural and regional South Australia. I met Kristina, my wife of 22 years, and we moved to the Adelaide Hills, where we have both always wanted to live. Our children attend the University of Adelaide and Birdwood High School. As a family we are active members of the local swimming, netball and tennis clubs.

I’m a Laboratory Manager at Birdwood High School and presently a Councillor on Adelaide Hills Council (re-elected in 2014). On Council I have been on the team that has delivered balanced budgets, low rate rises and a modest budget surplus, sustainable environmental actions, and thoughtful and responsible decisions for improved communities. Both before and while on Council I have been an active campaigner for the freight train bypass.

My values are clear: sustainable businesses and agriculture, sustainable environments and sustainable communities.

I am a supporter of reconciliation with Aboriginal people and particularly focused on endangered species of wildlife, the River Murray and job creation. It is important that we seize opportunities to create jobs for South Australians in the emerging renewable energy and environmental restoration industries.

The Greens are the only party who will not accept donations from businesses and corporations, and therefore will only make decisions in the best interests of ordinary people. The Greens are the genuine alternative for those frustrated by ineffective politics.

I am looking forward to being able to take my experience and enthusiasm into Parliament for the benefit of the wider community and environment of South Australia.