Nikki Mortier | Australian Greens

Nikki Mortier

Candidate for Hurtle Vale

I am now retired, after working for 40 years as a CPA accountant in small businesses, large businesses, the Federal public service and, for the last 10 years, running my own accountancy practice in Adelaide. I have a Master of Commerce Degree and am currently studying a Law Degree at Flinders University.

Born and raised in Sydney, I came to South Australia 27 years ago to take up a senior position with the then Australian Securities Commission, where I headed up the Investigations Branch.

My 9-year old foster son, who has been a major part of my life since he was 3 weeks old and my wonderful, artistic partner, have lived in Aberfoyle Park for a number of years. My son goes to the Hub R-7 Primary School and, through him, I have become very involved with the school community, the local Cubs Troup, the BMX Club and the Flagstaff Falcons Football Club. This is just another chapter in a life in which I have always been very active in community organisations and progressive politics.

I hold a strong belief in the values of the Greens :

  • a belief in strong government to support and encourage strong communities;
  • respecting the rights of our first nations people;
  • compassion for all people whatever their origins, religion, gender, sexuality or abilities;
  • protection of our natural environment;
  • respect for all the creatures of our wondrous planet;
  • preserving our long-term future rather than selling it off for short term political gain;
  • ensuring rich and powerful individuals and businesses pay their fair share;
  • ensuring education, health care and meaningful work for all;
  • valuing honest, open, transparent government including the public service.

If elected as the member for Hurtle Vale, I pledge to use my skills and experience in diligently and honestly representing all the residents of the electorate, in listening to and responding to the concerns of individuals and the community generally and in applying my values to all I do. My first project will be to press the government to fund a new indoor swimming pool for the area. With the rapid population growth in this area and the ageing population, this is urgently needed.

I am very proud to represent the SA Greens in the seat of Hurtle Vale and I thank you for your support and your vote.