Ian Grosser | Australian Greens

Ian Grosser

Candidate for Kavel

Hi, I’m Ian. I love living with my family in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, which has proven to be an ideal place for Maureen and I to raise our sons Thomas and Oscar. Mount Barker Springs has been my home for 27 years, where I operate my landscaping and earth moving business.

I joined the Greens in 2008 when they were the only party strongly supporting the community’s opposition to the government rezoning of 1300 hectares of prime farm lands for development in Mount Barker. As a result of the rezoning I was elected as a councillor to Mount Barker Council and have vigorously pursued environmental protection and infrastructure needed to keep up with the population growth, with many successes over the last eight years.

I share the Greens values of a fairer and more equal society and sustainable environment and economy. The Greens have clear and comprehensive policies developed democratically by our membership over decades, not policy on the run. We believe that government should act for all people, not just corporations and the rich.

As a long term community advocate, having held positions like Vice President of the Conservation Council of SA in the 1980s, I would love to be your strong voice in parliament.