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Damon Adams

Candidate for King

I made South Australia my home in 2003, after being posted here as a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy, and discharged soon after meeting my now wife, Lauren. I then served in the South Australia Police, before heading to University SA to complete a degree in education. I am now a science teacher at a primary school in the Northern suburbs, and we have three young boys of our own that keep us fit and active.

In the 2013 Federal election, I was endorsed as a senate candidate for the Drug Law Reform Australia party, which was my first foray into politics. This came about after a police injury led me from a life of prescribed opiates, to using cannabis to manage my pain in ways that opiates could not achieve.

Since then, I have been a staunch advocate for cannabis, using modern science to clear the haze of propaganda and stigma that still exists, and educating the community about it’s properties and capability to change our state for the better in every measureable way.

Cannabis has the potential to transform South Australia into what we dream about.

This is just one of the reasons, why I’m proud to stand for the people of King and the South Australian Greens.