Patrick O'Sullivan | Australian Greens

Patrick O'Sullivan

Candidate for Lee

Like many young people starting their working life, my first jobs consisted of cutting lawns, labouring, working in a factory, kitchen hand, waitering and tutoring. On completion of my studies I worked as a Science and Mathematics High School Teacher in the country and Adelaide for five years and since then as the Team Leader Technical Services Engineering at the University of South Australia.

I’m the youngest child of four children, raised solely by my Mother due to the death of my Father. My partner and I raised two children who are now adults studying at University. All of us born and raised in South Australia.

I am passionate about education, particularly in the scientific and engineering fields; critical in building Australia’s renewable energy sector. The Greens have the best policies underpinned by four pillars: ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and peace and non-violence.

I’m proud to represent the Greens in Lee.