Donella Peters | Australian Greens

Donella Peters

Candidate for MacKillop

I joined The Greens in 2001 out of a deep concern for what was happening to our environment, which none of the other Parties were doing anything to address. Protecting the environment is not just about protecting birds and animals, plants and fish. The environment is the air we breathe, our clean water, and the soil which grows our food. If we don’t protect these, we have no future.

The Greens also put the needs of ordinary people ahead of the demands of big business. Neo-liberal economics is not working; the ‘trickle-down’ economy doesn’t, and too many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. We need more Greens in Parliament to speak up for those who need help the most.

I'm proud to stand for The Greens in MacKillop.