Simon Roberts-Thomson | Australian Greens

Simon Roberts-Thomson

Candidate for Morialta

I have worked in education for over a decade, first in the tertiary sector and more recently as a high school teacher. My career has taken me both internationally and interstate, and these experiences have emphasised to me the importance of both a well-functioning education system and a social system that provides appropriate support for those in need.

I first joined the Greens because I thought, and continue to think, that the policies for which they stand represent a vision of Australia that encompasses the values of equality, social justice, and sustainability.

I believe that a just society is one in which all people are afforded respect and the opportunities needed to live a worthwhile life. This includes providing people with the means to escape poverty and to partake in meaningful work, all within an economy that is economically and environmentally sustainable. Realising such a society, however, requires that we all work together to promote these ideals and it is for this reason that I am standing as a candidate.

I am proud to represent the Greens in Morialta.