Brock Le Cerf | Australian Greens

Brock Le Cerf

Candidate for Playford

I work and study at the University of South Australia where I am about to finish my Masters by Research in biomedical science. I have been a resident of the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide for over 10 years and I have seen first-hand what the economic downturn has done to our local communities.

When the federal Liberal government removed support for Holden, it devastated the manufacturing sector whilst making hundreds jobless. If that wasn't bad enough, the state Labor government then hesitated to introduce the policies needed to support the projects to help northern communities transition, policies the Australian Greens have championed for decades.

I turned to support the Greens when I saw the Liberals pander to interests of the powerful and witnessed Labor fail to stand up for our communities when we needed them most. The Greens have a real vision for South Australia’s future, reinvigorating the economy by pushing forward with investment in new, up and coming industries. The jobs of tomorrow lie with renewable energy, advanced manufacturing and research, all of which the Australian Greens firmly believe in increasing support for.

I want a strong, clean and green South Australia which is why I am proud to represent the Greens in Playford.