Brendan Fitzgerald | Australian Greens

Brendan Fitzgerald

Candidate for Stuart

My professional life covers two fields, education, as a secondary school teacher and the arts, as a producer, creator and performer of contemporary music, theatre and cabaret in Australia and overseas. I am a father of three children, two of whom are teachers whilst my youngest daughter is completing studies as a ceramic artist.

I have recently purchased a heritage property in Spalding in the electorate of Stuart and intend to reside there once renovations are completed. The concerns of this electorate are thus deeply connected with my own interests in the mid-North region of South Australia.

We are at a crossroads in Australian history. Our entrenched economic and social processes no longer work. Our nation is now facing environmental devastation due to the relentless exploitation of our land, water and mineral resources. Urgent steps are required to reverse the worldwide calamity of climate change. A new economic system supporting industries focussed on developing renewable technologies and sustainable practices can help turn this around.

Implementing such a new economic system will benefit all residents in Stuart including Indigenous Australians, farmers battling water shortages and pollution by mining companies, the vulnerable in our community, new immigrants and our younger generation. We must counter the practices that are destroying our farmland and precious water resources - unconventional gas extraction, burying toxic nuclear waste and threats to our marine environment by offshore drilling.

The electorate of Stuart is in a unique position to model sustainable economic practices, develop renewable energies and address water conservation and recycling in an arid environment. Industries that evolve from research and development in these new technologies will generate income by exporting products and processes to counter the challenges faced in Australia and overseas due to climate change and environmental degradation. The Greens are the only political party in Australia capable of making and implementing the decisions required to turn this common threat into a positive for future generations.

As the elected member for Stuart, I would advocate for:

  • government investment in the region to support environmental regeneration projects, sustainable tourism and reviewing the renewal of the former mid-North SA rail transportation network;
  • the banning of unconventional gas extraction;
  • improving Indigenous educational, employment, housing and health standards;
  • building an economy based on renewable energy research and development together with sustainable agricultural practices.

I am proud to represent The Greens in Stuart for the second time in a State election and humbly request voters in this electorate to fully consider our party’s policies when making their decision on which candidate to cast their vote for.