Dr Alex Dinovitser | Australian Greens

Dr Alex Dinovitser

Candidate for Torrens

A citizen born in another country, I became an Australian the moment I arrived, although the paperwork took longer. Life without English, money or work was hard, but my family and I started up a food catering business that over 3 decades brought a Russian influence to the lunchtime crowds of Melbourne's St Kilda Rd.

I studied Electrical Engineering at Monash University, and worked with several high tech startups in Melbourne before coming to SA where I studied atmospheric science and finally obtained a PhD in Physics from Adelaide University. I am married and have brought up two boys. I believe in sustainability, and that we must end our dependence on finite resources, which is driving my current work as a solar power engineering design consultant for large projects, including several South Australian public schools. I believe that the solar revolution brings tremendous opportunities for investment and employment in SA, and that the right mix of storage, services and government regulation, will offer SA the future possibility of the cheapest electricity in the world.

I have always been a passionate environmental campaigner, active in many successful conservation campaigns since 1988. I worked to introduce recycling at Universities, to save the tall trees of Errinundra, and Tasmania's old growth forests. I continue to work towards social justice and a fairer economy, to advocate for affordable education and a cleaner environment. I am running as a Greens candidate because I understand the daily hardship and alienation experienced by increasing numbers of Australians, and share the Green's vision that embraces people abandoned by the current system. I also hope to raise the level of political debate, to stem the rise of racism, intolerance and climate change denial, and to make the world a better place for all of our children.