John Wishart | Australian Greens

John Wishart

Candidate for Unley

As a young man of 20, the Australian Government wanted to conscript me into the army to fight a foreign war in Vietnam. Along with many other Australians I got involved in the movement to end conscription. We won, and I learned a great lesson: people can make a difference. Bad decisions and poor government can be changed by people coming together and standing strong.

Whether it’s been as a parent involved in my children’s schools, as a union member at work or as a member of my local community, getting together with others to defend what we have and improve things has paid off.

I worked as a teacher in TAFE, helping migrants to Adelaide learn a new language and survive in Australian society. It helped me appreciate how lucky we are in Australia but also how much migrants coming here from different lands have to offer too.

I have lived in the Unley electorate for 10 years. It’s a great place to live and I want to keep it that way.

I want to see properly resourced and staffed public schools. Local residents must be given back the power to say no to unsuitable big commercial developments. Renters need better protection as tenants. Affordable housing is an urgent priority.

We can end the taxation rorts for the big companies and put the money into better health and community services, and we must halt dangerous climate change. South Australia should be powered by renewables, not fossil fuels.

That’s why I’m standing for the Greens in Unley. The Greens are a genuine alternative to the old parties. We have thought out policies to make South Australia a fairer and sustainable place to live and work.