Brendan White | Australian Greens

Brendan White

Candidate for Waite

Having spent most of my life in Kingswood, Westbourne Park, and now Belair, I am delighted and proud to call this area home. I work at Flinders University and my wife and I are raising our children amongst rosellas, gum trees, and the occasional koala in our front yard.

We live in a beautiful part of Australia. We have leafy green tree-lined streets with hundreds of small businesses employing our families and the convenience of living close to the city as well as the delight of having our own little village.

But our world is changing. As coal power disappears and smart energy technology takes its place, we must teach our children and grandchildren the skills that these new industries will need.

And as Australians we must return to the old-fashioned decency of welcoming families that are fleeing war. We have done this before and we are immensely richer for it. We can - we must - absolve our shame by welcoming them again.

The Greens have a proven track record of standing up for what’s right for us, for our children, and for our planet. I am proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Waite.