Livio Forza | Australian Greens

Livio Forza

Candidate for West Torrens

I am greatly inspired by the strength of my grandfather. Leaving war-torn Italy post WWII, my grandfather sought a brighter future in Australia and it was through his determination that the foundation of a family business was born. The business has evolved from a humble bakery to a distributor of Australian olive oil, and a local continental shop.

I share this story to express my support for refugees, who are often some of the greatest contributors to Australia, and my optimism for the future.

I dream of a bright, clean, progressive future where coal is replaced with renewable energy, multiculturalism and diversity are enshrined, pacifism is seen as a strength and not a weakness, intellect and curiosity are encouraged, and there is fairer redistribution of wealth in Australia.

I am conscious of the effort needed to make my dream a reality but I am determined, like my grandfather, to work hard towards seeing this dream become reality.

I'm proud to represent the Greens in West Torrens.