Jennifer Harness | Australian Greens

Jennifer Harness

Candidate for Wright

I was born in 1951 on the Yorke Peninsula, attended primary school at Minlaton, then moved to the Adelaide hills and attended Mt Barker High School.

I started my work life at 15 where I worked in a small town grocery store. I have had many jobs since, including factory work, nursing, sales and managing my privately owned Post Office. I am committed to fighting for created employment opportunities in the Electorate of Wright. A fair economy should work for all South Australians, not just the rich.

I married young and had 2 boys. When my first marriage broke up, I lived as a single parent/working mother for several years. I met my current husband Stan in 1983 and we have been married for 33 years.

Tragically, my son Paul died due to being hit by a speeding driver. As a result, I have a strong interest in traffic laws, justice and forgiveness. My first born son developed serious mental health issues in his early adult life, which has brought me extensive experience with the mental health system in Department of Health, as well as Residential Care facilities, Public Housing and the Police, all of which are under resourced. My son now lives in Melbourne, because of the lack of facilities available in SA.

I have always had a strong interest in politics, especially at the grassroots level. I am passionate about the environment, focussing on issues at a local level.

As the Greens candidate for Wright I am keen to hear your concerns and I am sure you will find me a willing listener.